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Mark your calendars to celebrate the most creative and impactful
In-House teams of the year! 

The 2024 ANA In-House Excellence Awards will be presented to top in-house teams at the
 ANA In-House Agency Conference Awards Gala | May 15, 2024 

Reserve your ticket to attend!

Time for in-house talent to own the spotlight.

No one knows your brand better than those in-house.

In-house marketing and advertising has come a long way. Gone are the days when in-house marketing teams were only tapped for quick and inexpensive work. Today, in-house teams lead creative and media strategy, produce broadcast-quality commercials, and drive business results for their brands, among many other capabilities.

Showcase the incredible creativity and innovation of your in-house marketing team.

Demonstrate your expertise and industry leadership with an award that exemplifies your in-house team's immense talent. From integrated campaigns, to out-of-home, social media and more, there are multiple award categories to highlight the unique impact your in-house team has had on your brand's business.

The ANA In-House Excellence Awards are designed to feature the most creative, strategic, and growth-driving marketing and advertising. Set your team apart with an award fit for the greatest in-house marketing teams in the world.

Decoding In-House Excellence: Judges' Insights on What Makes a Campaign In-House Award Worthy 

Discover what 2024 In-House Award judges will be specifically looking for in the 2024 submissions, and in their words, what will set apart award-worthy campaigns from the rest. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the specific elements and strategic considerations they highlight, to achieve the highest recognition in the competitive In-House agency marketing landscape. 

I am looking for big ideas that are grounded in consumer insight and that solve real problems for consumers. The media channel strategy must be integrated across paid, owned, earned, and shared channels. The submissions should be strategic rather than tactical. A great "one-off" is not as inspiring as a sound strategy that is executed flawlessly. I am also looking for cases that demonstrate value creation with KPIs that go beyond exposures/impressions. If the team can illustrate how they leveraged the customer journey, transmedia storytelling, and contextually relevant moments of truth, all the better! 

Always looking for thoughts about impact measurement (i.e., how do we know that the investments paid off?), particularly if the submission is not focused on lead generation. In cases where it is too early to measure impact, I would expect to see thoughtful comments about how it will be measured (methodology and metrics). Also looking for distinctiveness (i.e., stands out relative to competitors in the category). Finally, would like to see that spark of creativity that pulls me in emotionally. 

I am looking for the magical blend of strategic planning, creative execution, and business impact. It is not easy to achieve all three, but we have seen incredible results in previous years from brands ranging from small to very large. It does not take a huge budget or staff to create an impactful campaign, so it is not about the dollars or personnel - it's about how smart, thoughtful and creative a campaign can be. 

I will be looking for a thorough brief that identifies a business need and is grounded in key insights. The creative must deliver against the strategy. Please show multiple examples of creative - pulling in different mediums and/or channels. 

Winning creative awards entry is characterized by its exceptional ability to seamlessly blend innovation, originality, and effective communication, transcending conventional boundaries to captivate and resonate with its audience. It stands out through its clear articulation of a compelling concept, meticulous execution, and measurable impact, showcasing not only creative brilliance but also a strategic approach that distinguishes it as a game-changer in its respective field. 

When evaluating creative work, I take a holistic approach, considering various aspects to determine the overall quality and impact of the submission. Here are my considerations:  Creativity and Originality: I look for a spark of innovation and originality that sets the work apart. Creative endeavors that bring something fresh and unique to the table capture my attention. Execution and Craftsmanship: The level of technical skill and craftsmanship is crucial. I appreciate meticulous attention to detail and a high standard of execution, as it reflects the creator's dedication to their craft.  Emotional Impact: The ability to evoke emotions is a powerful aspect of creative work. I am drawn to pieces that elicit a strong emotional response, whether it is joy, empathy, curiosity, or introspection. Relevancy: I consider how well the creative work aligns with its intended purpose and context. Relevance to the target audience and appropriateness for the given platform or setting are key factors in my evaluation. Adaptability and Versatility: I value creative works that demonstrate adaptability and versatility, whether in their application to different contexts or their ability to resonate with diverse audiences. Context and Cultural Sensitivity: Considering the cultural context is essential. I take note of works that exhibit cultural sensitivity and an awareness of diverse perspectives, fostering inclusivity in creative expression. Storytelling: For narrative-based works, storytelling is a key element. I look for a compelling narrative structure that captivates the audience, leading them through a cohesive and engaging storytelling experience. 

I will be looking for inspiring strategic problem solving, smart ideas, impeccable execution, and results. In a market that is increasingly cluttered with "more of the same," I want to give recognition to the people that take risks to achieve breakthroughs. My measure is always "I wish I had done that.

I am excited to see some In-House work that shows the kind of brand bravery you'd expect from a kick-ass, hotshot agency or shop. I am also looking at results, both data-driven and harder to quantify "brand love and affinity" index. 

When judging, given my 40 years of running a creative agency servicing large brands, I am looking for the blend between creativity and communication effectiveness. I am looking for insights about the target audience and how they work, break through the clutter, in a compelling manner and motivate the desired behavior within a given campaign. Creativity alone is not enough. In-house agency leaders have a huge responsibility to bring high impact, high performance work to their brand clients, while providing challenging and exciting creative assignments to their organization. As an expert in neuromarketing, I also look at how the work used methods that both gain attention and delivered communication that was persuasive. Memorability from creativity is good but often just not enough to provide the ROI on a brand's activation investments. 

With budgets and bottom lines coming under increasing scrutiny, I will look for ideas that do not outspend the competition but outshine, punching above their weight.